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The Village

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Ore Pile
Ore Boat
Iron Furnace
General Store
Post Office
Glass Works
Ice House
Nature Center
Batsto Church

About the Village:

As the industries of Batsto grew, so did the additional buildings and activities necessary to sustain the workers and their families. During the iron making and glass making periods at Batsto Village, there were hundreds of people working and living in the village. They needed homes in which to live. A Sawmill was necessary to cut lumber for building homes. The Gristmill was built for processing grain. The corn was kept in a nearby corncrib. A storage place for the processed grain was needed. Products that were not naturally available had to be purchased. Therefore, a General Store was built. The Blacksmith was a necessary part of the community, as was a Wheelwright. Different types of barns were erected for storage of wagons, equipment, and to house animals. The workers planted gardens and orchards. They raised animals for food. A Piggery was built for slaughtering the pigs. Without refrigeration, an ice house had to be constructed. Religion was important to the workers so churches were built nearby. Eventually, a post office helped to speed communication between Batsto and other towns.

When one visits Batsto Village today, it is like a step back in time. As you walk through the village streets and look into the restored buildings, you can almost visualize an earlier time and a different way of life.

Batsto Hours of Operation:

Visitor Center: Daily:   900:am to 4:00pm

Museum & Museum Shop: Daily:   900:am to 4:00pm

Post Office: Call the Visitor Center at 609-561-0024 for hours.

Saw Mill Demonstration: Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays: 1:30, 2:00, 2:30pm (Starting May 25). 

Note: The Saw Mill is not operational at this time. We are evaluating ways to restore functionality and trying to determine potential costs! 

Nature Center: 10:00am until 4:00pm  (Open 7 days a week from June through August.)


Self Guided Village Tour:

Visitors may take a self-guided walking tour by following the numbered map on a Batsto Village brochure, which is available at the Visitors Center. The buildings and sites are numbered and have brief descriptions for the benefit of the visitor.

Guided Village Tours:

There are no regularly scheduled guided tours of the village. However, groups and schools can arrange in advance for special tours led by the State employees Resource Interpretive Specialists. Groups must make arrangements at least five days in advance. No reservations will be accepted on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

Guided Mansion Tours:

There are regular guided tours of the Mansion. Please click on the following link for Mansion Tour Information:

Guided Tours

 The Mansion is partially accessible for people with disabilities.

Gifts and Artifacts:

Any person wishing to donate artifacts to enhance the interpretation of Batsto Village may contact the Visitor Center at 609-561-0024.


Volunteers are needed at Batsto Village.  Call the Visitor Center office at 609-561-0024.  If you are interested in helping, we welcome your call. 

You may also access the NJ Parks and Forestry website for an application to be returned to Batsto. Please click on this link.



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