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Batsto Village

Batsto Village is an historic site in the South Central Pinelands of New Jersey. It is known throughout the country, both for its beauty and its historical significance. Batsto has roots dating back to 1766, with nearly two and a half centuries of American history available for our visitors to see, all with the lovely Pinelands as a scenic backdrop.

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This website is maintained by the Batsto Citizens Committee, Inc.. We are a non-profit corporation dedicated to advising and assisting the state of New Jersey in preserving Batsto Village, and educating the public about its history. We’re also here to help make your visit to Batsto both enjoyable and memorable.

Batsto Village is overseen by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Parks & Forestry

Mansion Web Cameras
Mansion Web Cameras

The views from the Batsto mansion tower web cameras are especially interesting early in the morning and late afternoon.

These two are from about 5:30AM.

Check them out...just click on the camera icon on the home

Wagon Rides Are Back!
Wagon Rides Are Back!

Planned dates for Wagon Rides being on site so far are:

     May 21st

     June 4th

     September 24th

     October 28th

     November 5th

     December 3rd


Day End at Batsto
Day End at Batsto

This afternoon may be a rainy one, but just keep this image in your mind as you plan your next visit to Batsto!

You can get this view whenever you wish "remotely" by clicking on the camera on the home page of the website....

The “Un” crew!
The “Un” crew!

These good looking and hard working folks are Batsto Citizens Committee members and Wharton State Forest staff who " un-decorated" the Batsto Mansion recently, taking down the holiday trimmings.

We thank them and those who also gave of their time to decorate this beautiful building prior to the start...

Mansion Geothermal
Mansion Geothermal

If you have been viewing the East looking web camera recently, you see a variety of construction equipment just yards from the mansion.

Upgrades are being made to the mansions geothermal HVAC system by converting it from an Open to Closed system.

There is even some evening work going on!