Batsto Committee

The Batsto Citizens Committee, Inc., was founded in 1956 to assist the State of New Jersey. Its purpose was to advise, assist and promote the restoration and interpretation of the historic and natural aspects of Batsto Village.

The Committee initially consisted of 36 members appointed for 3-year terms by former Governor Robert B. Meyner and Joseph E. McClean, then Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Economic Development.

In 1997 the Committee reorganized, became incorporated as the Batsto Citizens Committee, Inc. (BCCI), and continues to pursue its objectives. The Committee lends whatever assistance it can to the administration of Wharton State Forest and representatives of the State Park Service. Assistance may be in the form of time, money, expertise, or a variety of mutually agreed projects.

About the BCCI:

The Batsto Citizens Committee, Inc. (BCCI), is a non-profit corporation. Its mission is providing monetary and volunteer assistance and ideas to the State of New Jersey to help in the preservation and interpretation of Batsto Village, the teaching of its industrial, social, and political history, and providing opportunities and events for the enjoyment of the public.

BCCI is managed by a committee of volunteers who provide guidance and approval of actions in supporting the Batsto mission. The Board of Trustees conducts the day to day business of the organization. It is headquartered in one of the restored workers’ cottages in the village.

In addition to managing projects, the BCCI sponsors several major on-site events, including the Country Living Fair held annually on the third Sunday in October. The Committee contributes funds that it has raised through its Friends of Batsto to assist the Batsto preservation in special areas.

BCCI also publishes texts concerning Batsto and the Pines (Heart of the Pines and A Nest of Rebel Pirates). These books, including a new coloring book for children (A Visit To Batsto Village) are available in the Museum Shop and by mail. See Book Order Form.

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