Batsto Lecture Series

With its tower standing tall in the center of the village, the Batsto Mansion is one of the most notable examples of Victorian domestic architecture in the

A new series of public lectures will shed further light on the history and significance of the nineteenth-century house.

Presented in three parts, each discussion will explore the Batsto Mansion’s relationship to other American homes and popular architectural trends.

The first lecture, “An Introduction to American Architecture through Batsto’s Buildings and Beyond,” guides visitors through the history of domestic architecture from the earliest inhabitants of North America to the modern world. Digging even deeper into the Wharton-era, August’s lecture, “The Italianate Style: Victorian Tastes and the Exterior of the Batsto Mansion,” tells the story of American architects and builders finding international inspiration for their designs.

In September, the three-part series concludes with “The Eastlake Style: The Gilded Age and the Interior of the Batsto Mansion,” which investigates the
relationship between American homes and the Industrial Revolution. All lectures are free and open to the public. Anyone interested in attending is recommended to call ahead to the Visitor Center to reserve seats, as space in the auditorium is limited. Details regarding the date/
time of each event will be posted on the Wharton State Forest Facebook page.